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About the Indianetouristvisa

Who is E Visa India Travel?

E Visa India Travel is the organization which markets India to the world as a tourist destination. The major tool we use to do this is the 100% pure E Visa India Travel marketing campaign, a campaign that has evolved over the past couple of months to make E Visa India Travel one of the world's most well-respected tourism brands of India.

E Visa India Travel has helped Indian tourism grow leaps and bound through the eTourist Visa facility given by the Indian government. During December 2014, a total of 14083 eTV were issued in comparison to 2700 eTV during December 2013 to tourist visiting India. By January 2015 a total of 39046 eTV were issued which registered an overall growth of 421.6% in Indian tourism. This whole process has brought in a huge influx of tourist in India and as a brand we E Visa India Travel are playing a major role in dealing with this high inflow of tourists.

E Visa India Travel is capable of managing this magnitude of tourist does not grow by itself. In a fiercely contested global tourism marketplace, E Visa India Travel is ensuring that Indian tourism remains attractive internationally as a visitor's destination.

Through this 100% Pure E Visa India Travel campaign we take India's story to consumers, the travel trade and the global media, while working with the tourism industry to ensure we deliver on the promises made through our campaign.

www.indianetouristvisa.org www.indianetouristvisa.org has been established solely for the purpose of developing the Indian Tourism. We are led by a Board of Directors in India. From humble beginnings, we are now growing worldwide.

About the e-Visa

The Indian e-Tourist visa can be obtained online, instead of applying by sending in your original passport and documents. The e-Tourist visa approval will be issued in advance electronically, before the date of travel to India; the actual visa sticker will be placed inside your passport at the airport on arrival in India. The entire application process can be completed online—to get started through www.indianetouristvisa.org.

How it Works

The e-Visa will be processed and issued electronically and sent to the traveler via email. When the traveler arrives in India, they will need to have biometric information taken at the airport and their passport will be stamped.

An eTV is a visa for travel to India that is issued electronically. Because the India e-Tourist visa is issued on-line; it is not necessary to submit an original passport or other documents for processing, though the traveler must have an original, valid passport. A scanned copy is sufficient for the e-Visa to be processed. Simply complete and submit Travisa's online request form and the Indian visa can be processed online. Then once the traveler arrives in India, biometric information (scans of fingerprints) will be taken at the airport the original visa will be stamped inside the passport.

Because the visa stamp is placed inside the passport, this process was originally called ‘India Visa on Arrival’, however, this caused confusion since the application must be submitted and approved before traveling to India.

The Indian e-Tourist visa is generally issued for a single entry visit with a duration of stay up to 30 days. A maximum of two Indian e-Visas can be issued for the same traveler within one year.

Traditional Indian tourist visas can also still be issued, the e-Visa is simply one option. Traditional visas are stamped inside the traveler's passport by the Indian Consulate in the traveler’s country of residence, and these visas are valid for a longer period of time and allow multiple entries. Travisa can assist you to apply for a traditional Indian visa if this is better suited to your needs.

E-Tourist VISA Application PROCESS


Apply Online

Upload Photo and Passport Page


Pay visa fee online

Using Credit / Debit card


Receive eTV Online

eTV Will be sent to your e-mail


Fly To India

Print eTV and carry at the time of travel

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